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08 April 2005 @ 06:07 am
Update for April 7th  
Draiks can now be painted the most regal of colours - Royal!

Are you brave enough to face the Ghost Lupe in this week's Better Than You?

This week's PPL award has been given to the Sutekh. Well done Muffy the Mummy, Grumple, Wraps, FUNKINSTINE and all the others.


thymihle and Gaceyla have just won the Site Spotlight with their site - Gaceyla's Guide to Superstition.

This weeks' Pirate Cave Of The Week award goes to smcondon for their rocket-like cave - Blast off!

For all you collectors, some fancy new shells have just gone on sale at the Collectable Sea Shell shop.

If you like to colour, you're in luck! 3 new pages have been added to the Kreludor Colouring Page.

kagura_the_wind is the latest winner of the Neoadventure Spotlight!

You are frightened. What if Sugar is in trouble? You hop out, tossing the covers away, and barge right out the door... and run smack into a great big solid object in front of you, stuffing SugarWaffle into a bag! A hand reaches out and swipes at you, but you dodge it. Panicking, you turn to run...

The Leeble is the latest Petpet to have its own line of nifty toys.

There will be no new Lenny Conundrum today, but we will return with a super hard one next week!

For more regal goodness, there are 4 new Royal shopkeepers to add to your shop front.

There were TONS of entries in this week's Random Contest, so the judges will need a bit of extra time to go through them all. Not to worry! They won't be fed until they've read every entry.